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Solution to the Problem of Heating Boilers Use

It is known that the majority of European manufacturers recommend using ordinary water as heat transfer fluid in the heating systems (as the cheapest, affordable and environmentally safe for humans and for the environment kind of heat transfer fluid), and when anti-freeze is used, the manufacturer terminates the guarantee for the boiler. Moreover, the use of household anti-freezes has a number of disadvantages: more powerful radiators are required in heating systems with antifreeze (as compared to water, it gives and accumulates heat more badly - heat capacity of antifreeze is about 10-15% lower than that of water ); antifreeze is more viscous than water, so it is harder to make it circulate in the heating system, and consequently requirements to the power of circulation pumps are increased; at the same time, anti-freeze is more fluid than water, which leads to higher prices of couplings of the heating system.

When water is used as the heat transfer fluid there is a DANGER TO UNFREEZE THE HEATING SYSTEM. Before the New Year, the companies which sale and install boiler equipment, design and maintain heating and water supply systems see queues of those who are faced with this problem. In addition to the very significant material costs, the performance restoration requires a lot of efforts, time and tresses, shortage of which we endure without them! Therefore it is better to prevent possible unpleasant consequences of "winter season" in advance. Subzero temperature can also result in freezing of water pipes, resulting in destruction of plumbing fixtures, decoration, and expensive boilers, etc.

We draw your attention to the GSM-system of monitoring and management of temperature (GSM-Thermostat) from "TELEMETRIKA". It is a simple solution to complex problems! The name speaks for itself. Today GSM-Thermometer – is a high demand product which has no analogs at an affordable price! It perfectly suits both to solve simple tasks of informing the user about the temperature modes at a given site, and to build complex “SMART HOME” systems, to monitor and control temperature, heating, and engineering equipment.

GSM-Control – is remote site management using a mobile phone. For example, you can remotely control the heating boiler, adjust temperature in rooms. It is possible to maintain the temperature in a country house within a preset range. The GSM control system will inform you about the temperature falls below a threshold value (usually +3 degrees). This will allow you to avoid troubles described above, save your time, money and efforts. By using the GSM-control system you can turn on sauna remotely before your arrival, warm the house, control irrigation, and safeguard your home and property.

HEATING BOILER CONTROL, CONTROL OF TEMPERATURE MODES AT THE GIVEN SITES – is one of the priority opportunities implemented in the GSM-thermometer. At the same time, the device can perform security functions, if security sensors are connected to it.